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Be a Hampton Roads Car Angel! Donate Your Used Car, Truck, Boat, Plane or RV. Get a Tax Deduction and Avoid the Hassles of a Private Sale!


Donate Car in Hampton Roads, VA


Car Donations Hampton Roads 

Let Us Help You!

  • Get tax savings while helping others!
  • Receive a tax deduction and change a life!

Welcome to the nicest national car donation center in the world. We accept Auto donations for our partner charities from across America. We are very selective about the charities that we serve. You choose the Car Donation Charity you want to benefit from the donation of your old car, truck, RV, airplane, boat or trailer.

You can receive the full fair market value as a tax deductible vehicle donation.

Please donate your car even if it is not in running condition. We make all the arrangements to pick-up your vehicle donation at no cost to you. Find out more about how to donate a car by getting answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Receive your lawful IRS tax deduction for the automobile
  • Avoid confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork or smog certificate hassles
  • Get free vehicle pick-up, whether the vehicle runs or not (restrictions apply)!
  • Avoid all the headaches of selling a Used Car--there are no expensive want ads, no taking phone calls, no showing the car, no price haggling...

Immediate Free Wonderful Service: We will arrange to pick-up your vehicle donations anywhere in the United States now. We supply you with the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable vehicle donation. Donate Your Vehicle  Online, or call us free-of-charge on:

( 1.800.227.2643 )

or Our DIRECT PICKUP LINE 1.480.834.4191

Thank You & May God Bless You!

Thank you for your kind donation

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Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Religious Organization/Church. We are a NON-PROFIT. Changing Lives is our Focus. Rest assured - your donation will help change futures!

Donate Car, Truck, Auto, Boat, RV or Trailer
and receive Tax Deduction
 in  VA Hampton Roads, Virginia

Now accepting

Tax Deductible Hampton Roads Vehicle Donations in:

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